My last three portfolios made me realize why I got into photography. Here they are. Seascapes, Femscapes and Dolls.

What I Do

My photographs are an attempt to capture the beauty of light. The lines, curves and patterns it creates on what would otherwise be black. Some are silhouettes. I love silhouettes. I try to convey a certain mood into my pictures. In order to do that, I often shoot out of focus, just enough to get a dream or memory feeling.
What is for sure is that I have a passion for light!


Who I Am

My name is Nikos Kontonatsios. I live and work in Volos, Greece. Feel free to contact me at



I have always felt that my previous portfolio, Femscapes was incomplete, and I have been looking for subjects to finish it. After searching for quite some time, I came across a large white hat in a shop in Thessaloniki. I bought it. I don't have access to any models so there was noone to wear the hat. Two years after buying the hat, I thought I'd try to get a vitrine doll, which I did. This portfolio, Dolls, is the result. In many ways it is the sequel of Femscapes.


Femscapes is an attempt to capture the pure beauty that comes from light falling on a female body. These are photos of little statuettes. I came across one in a trip to Germany and I felt it could be the the main subject of Femscapes. It is perfect white, somehow idealised, but it reflects light in the way I feel it should. I also used other stauettes as subjects, mainly for the curves.


Seascapes was not planned. It just happened. Looking at my photographs I realized I tended to shoot various subjects against a calm sea and the sun, capturing some very bright highlights. Despite sharing such common elements, the photographs do not all reflect the same mood. In some of them there is a sense of peaceful melancholy, in others there is an urge to sail away, also carrying a melancholic message in a way. After all, the sea has so many faces and can invoke so many different feelings. I never intended to capture any particular emotion. I tried to capture the images I came across the best way I could. Whatever emotion is in the photographs was there to be felt. I just photographed it.
All the photographs are black and white. Color would be far too distracting.

Say Hello.

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